• Image of Made Candles

Made by the very talented Made Candles

Check out his Instagram feed (link above) where he regularly posts how he makes these. He is super talented in both videography and photography so they're mesmerizing to watch.

These are hand poured into an 8oz small paint can and come in two scents:

Tobacco & Bourbon
Leather & Pipe Smoke

Of course they both smell amazing!

Also, if you've never bought from me, I have to charge a flat rate for international shipping but I always refund the difference. This website doesn't have a way to calculate international shipping in real time. It looks like one candle is around $13 and two is $20.

For US, the shipping isn't the easiest thing to calculate for this either, if you order one candle only it's $5. If you order two, it's $11 and that can include a knife as well. I'm going to put the shipping at $11 and will refund the difference if there is any.