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For this drop ...

** NOTE **
These do NOT come with pocket clips by default.

Please check out without a pocket clip and then come back to add a pocket clip as a second transaction. I will refund your shipping.


ALL knives are 93mm and have:
* Copper scales - tumbled
* Acid Etched tools
* Phosphor Bronze liners
* Black screws

Anything with an X in the name means it comes with scissors


Today's drop includes the following:

#470 - Pioneer - $265

#471 - Pioneer - $265

#472 - Pioneer X - $275

#473 - Electrician - $265

#474 - Electrician X - $285

#475 - Farmer - $275

#476 - Pruner* - $265

#477 - Pruner X - $285

#478 - Voyageur* - $315

#479 - eVoyaguer* - $275


** The Pruner toolset replaces the can opener with hawkbill blade

* The Voyageur can be seen in the photo with the white hank
* It comes with a big blade, a combo tool, and scissors

* The eVoyageur is a take on the traditional Voyageur design
* It comes with an Electrician blade, standard bottle opener, and scissors
* It's basically an Electrician X without the big blade and awl layer
* It's an excellent want to get a Voyaguer without the extra cost of the Combo blade


Each knife is stamped with a serial number and comes with a BW crown sticker.

If you want a breakdown of the prices:
* Base knife with factory polished tools are $225
* Brass and Phosphor Bronze liners are $10 each
* Stonewashed tools are $30
* Extra tools like scissors are $10
* Combo tools are $50 because they come from a $50 knife
** Not applicable to 84mm knives


INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please note that the United States Postal Service is not delivering to some countries. Please purchase at your own risk. If you pick something up, I will hold it for you until they start delivering to your country again.

Here is the list of countries not accepting mail right now:


Also, if you've never bought from me, I have to charge a flat rate for international shipping but I always refund the difference. This website doesn't have a way to calculate international shipping in real time. Most shipping will be around $13 so you'll get a lot of it back.

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