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Brass ones.
With my logo on them.
How sick is that?!?

These are made by @hogdoggins and are 0.60" (so just over half an inch) square.

If you know anything about Hogdoggins, you know they only make very, very high quality items. My brass pocket pucks are also made by them.

These come in a set of TWO. You will get TWO dice with every order.


INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please note that the United States Postal Service is not delivering to some countries. Please purchase at your own risk. If you pick something up, I will hold it for you until they start delivering to your country again.

Here is the list of countries not accepting mail right now:


Also, if you've never bought from me, I have to charge a flat rate for international shipping but I always refund the difference. This website doesn't have a way to calculate international shipping in real time. Most shipping will be around $13 so you'll get a lot of it back.

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