• Image of BW POCKET PUCK
  • Image of BW POCKET PUCK

NOTE: None of these goodies come with the puck. 👊 These photos are just to show you the relative size of these.

I have 4 of these available for this drop.

I keep saying this but this has quickly become one of my favorite Brasswerx items. I mean just look at it!

It's hard to know just how awesome these things are without holding one in your hand. It's milled from a solid brass billet and the lid fits very securely using three extremely strong magnets.

These are made by @hogdoggins who makes some absolutely killer gear. You can find more photos of these pucks at the #pocketpuck hashtag.


INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please note that the United States Postal Service is not delivering to some countries. Please purchase at your own risk. If you pick something up, I will hold it for you until they start delivering to your country again.

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Also, if you've never bought from me, I have to charge a flat rate for international shipping but I always refund the difference. This website doesn't have a way to calculate international shipping in real time. Most shipping will be around $13 so you'll get a lot of it back.

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